Noli Indian School alumni: Where are they now?

By Alena Duenas


After graduating from the Noli Indian School in 2002, Tanya Rivera went to cosmetology school. Briones ultimately decided to come back to the school, where she now serves students breakfast and lunch. She said she had a great experience as a student at Noli Indian School because of the amount of attention teachers were able to give students at the small school and because of the focus on learning about Native American culture. Some of Briones’ hobbies include coaching middle school sports and cooking.


Johnny Gomez graduated in 2019 and is planning to go to college and study art. When he was a high school student, Gomez ran on the cross country team. He said he had a good experience at the Noli Indian School because it was a safe environment and he got a lot of support from his teachers. Gomez said he is affiliated with the Cahuilla Band of Indians and from Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians. Gomez likes to play video games and perform comedy routines.


Damian Mariscal was active in sports as a student at the Noli Indian School, participating in everything from basketball and football to cross country and baseball. Mariscal said he was in the Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, program for two years. Mariscal, who graduated in 2019, will soon attend Summit College where he will study to become an electrician. Mariscal said he is affiliated with the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians and Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians. Some of his hobbies include breakdancing, basketball and video games.

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